Brieftons Borosilicate Glass Bottles – A How-To Guide

Please follow the simple tips below to prolong the life of your borosilicate glass bottles and to ensure they are kept in a tiptop condition.


  • The glass bottle’s body is dishwasher safe, and can also be hand washed.


  • The lids are not dishwasher safe and cannot be sterilized in hot water. It is recommended that the lids be hand washed to protect the silicon O-ring and the stainless steel surface.
  • For a thorough cleaning of the lids, remove the O-ring to access the inside of the lid. Wash both the O-ring and the inside of the lid to prevent molds from forming. Make sure to put the O-ring back inside the lid afterward for an air-tight seal.


  • These glass bottles can withstand temperatures ranging from -80°C to 170°C, and are suitable for storing both boiling hot water, or freezing cold drinks. However, DO NOT freeze liquids in these glass bottles in the freezer. While the glass can cope with temperatures of as low as -80°C, liquids will expand when frozen and can cause the glass bottles to crack.
  • Do not put the glass bottles in the microwave or oven.
  • Do not wash the lids in the dishwasher. Do not subject the lids to extreme high or low temperatures, as that may cause the lids to fall apart.

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