Brieftons Salad Spinner – A How-To Guide

For a quick-start video guide to using the Brieftons Salad Spinner, please watch this video:

How to Use the Brieftons Salad Spinner

For best results when using the Brieftons Salad Spinner, please follow the below instructions:

Lift lid and fill basket with washed salad leaves. Replace lid.

Simply slide locking switch to release the pump action spin handle.

Lift handle up and down to create spin action. Centrifugal force will direct the water outwards and down the sides of the bowl, pooling in the base for easy disposal.

IMPORTANT: To achieve the maximum spinning speed, wait until the handle has fully returned to the starting (topmost) position, before pushing it down again. This will allow the inner spring to fully recoil which will spin the basket faster when you push the handle again. The more you repeat this process, the faster the basket will spin.

Please see the illustration below for more detail.

Brieftons Salad Spinner - Correct spinning action

To cease spinning, simply press down on the stop button.

After water is tipped out, salad may be stored in the basket in the fridge for later use. Transfer into bowl for serving.

After finishing with the salad spinner, slide locking switch again to lock the handle down for easy storage.

How to Clean the Lid

You can access the inside of the lid in order to clean it thoroughly. Please follow the below steps to clean the lid.

Open the lid

Open the lid

Clean the inside of the lid

Clean the inside of the lid

Close the lid

Close the lid once you are done with the lid cleaning


  • Wash vegetables/fruits thoroughly before putting them into the salad spinner.
  • Be imaginative with your use of the salad spinner. It can be used to dry herbs, remove seeds from canned tomatoes, spin excess water out of pasta, etc. It really is not limited to drying vegetables for salads.


  • Rinse with warm water and mild detergent after use.
  • Hand washing is recommended to prolong the life of the product.
  • If washed in a dishwasher, use cold water only, as hot water can warp the salad spinner bowl and prevent the salad spinner from working correctly.

As usual, if you have any question or get stuck using the product, please contact us via and we will be happy to help!