Brieftons Spiral Slicer: A How-To Guide

For best results when using the Brieftons Spiral Slicer, please:

  • Choose thick, firm and straight vegetables.
  • Place the vegetable straight in the middle of the cone, making sure it does not lean heavily toward any particular side.
  • Twist the vegetable into the cone with a consistent forward force.
  • Use the included safety cap when the vegetable gets shorter to protect your finger and minimize your vegetable wastage.
  • Use the included kitchen brush to clean your spiral slicer right after use.
  • The included manual shows the best practices, so please take a quick look at it if you haven’t done so.

If you are left handed, you can still use the Brieftons spiral slicer the following way…

  • Place the spiral slicer in an upright position on a table.
  • Insert the vegetable vertically into the cone, then twist and turn it with one hand (the left hand), while holding the spiral slicer securely in place with the other hand (the right hand).

Brieftons Spiral Slicer: Demo Videos

Please also find below a couple of video demos showing the Brieftons Spiral Slicer in action, and demonstrating its correct use. Please check them out, and if you have any question please contact us and we will be happy to help!

How to slice a carrot

How to slice a zucchini

How to clean the spiral slicer